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Joieria QuintanaQuintana Jewellers has a long tradition in watchmaking, founded in 1931 in Vilafant, today Quintana Jewellers in Nou Street in Figueres is proud of having Francesc Xavier Calvet, the third generation, running the business.

Quintana Jewellers used to be the time reference in the 60’s, when theyy had already moved to Figueres, as it played the lead in an advertisement in Radio Popular of Figueres. At 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. it was “Quintana’s Time” the radio station went over to the shop and a watch inside struck the hour, live, every day. The advertisement read “Quintana, Quintana, the best watchmaker’s, jeweller’s and silversmith’s. Quintana, Quintana. Quintana sold me the watch I have”. The advertisement was on until the 70’s.

Quintana Jeweller’s shop has been at 11 Nou Street for 47 years. After spending some years selling and repairing watches, they decided to expand selling gift objects and jewellery as well.



Quintana Jewelry, Watches, Jewellery and Giftware


Quintana Jewelry
C. Nou 11 - 17600 FIGUERES
(Girona, Alt Empordà)
Phone: (+34) 972 502 281



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