Joieria QuintanaMiquel Quintana i Grau founded the first shop in Vilafant where they exclusively sold all kinds of watches. At that time people used to wear the typical pocket watches with chains. If we review cinematography we shall see the importance of this object in a lot of films: Willy Fox always has his eye on his pocket watch in “Around the World in Eighty Days”, in which a time disruption nearly makes him lose the wager; in cartoons, a white rabbit with a pocket watch appears in “Alice in Wonderland”; a great number of actors in the classic cinema have used their pocket watches, smart and handsome men, etc.

Pocket watches have been used in many scripts to take characters back to another life, for example “For a lifetime” in which the main character buys a pocket watch and on his way back home the train stops at station of twentieth century small city where he has the opportunity to get back the values that make sense of life.

Time is always present in our lives; it is very difficult to spend a day without knowing what time it is. Thus the importance of manufacturing all kinds of watches: decorative watches, wrist watches, pocket watches, clocks, sun dials, sand watches and water watches. Mechanical watches were a great invention and led the way to the present watches. Without watches we would not be able to know the exact time at any moment nor of distributing it at our own will. However, at present the most developed societies are strongly dependent on them.



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